Kibo, Kilimanjaro's summit cone
Western Breach
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Mapping Kilimanjaro: a detailed topographical look at the Western Breach.


In December 2007 the most informative and accurate map of Kilimanjaro to date was published by Climbing Map, a team of Swiss Cartographers working in collaboration with Team Kilimanjaro.


The best map of Kilimanjaro currently available

Those thinking of climbing Kilimanjaro and wanting to enjoy easily accessible detailed cartographical insights into their route, may purchase this map using this online purchasing facility. Map and bookshops worldwide that wish to be perceived as offering the most discerning selection of maps, are encouraged to approach the publishers for competitive discounts.


Mapping the  Western Breach accident

The following GoogleMap details the source of the rockfall, and the two impact points.

Mapping Kilimanjaro - Measuring the summit altitude
Measuring the altitude of Furtwangler Point, Kilimanjaro's possible future summit
Aerial view of Western Breach, Kilimanjaro
Diagonal aerial view of Western Breach, Kilimanjaro
Horizontal aerial view of Western Breach, Kilimanjaro

Looking down on the Western Breach from the height of Chamlang, (Nepal).

Looking across to the Western Breach from the height of the lower rockfall impact point.

Google Earth as an excellent planning tool for Western Breach route familiarisation

Climbers wishing to familiarise themselves with the Western Breach are advised to take advantage of Google Earth's new high resolution satellite coverage for Kilimanjaro. The following are sample extracts of the enhanced imagery recently made available by Google Earth. When using Google Earth to explore the Western Breach the locations of the various features captured on our featured videos will become easily apparent.



Looking down onto the Western Breach from the height of Chogolisa, (Pakistan).