Kibo, Kilimanjaro's summit cone
Western Breach
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Climbing Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach


Kilimanjaro’s Western Breach is a beautiful and breathtaking place but represents the most risk-associated assault route to Kilimanjaro’s summit, of the three options currently sanctioned by Tanzania National Parks.


The purpose of this site is to provide an opportunity for readers planning to climb Kilimanjaro to assess for themselves whether the obvious risks associated with assaulting Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach are personally acceptable, or whether a preferable decision would be to opt for an assault via the Barafu Ridge instead.


Creating a safe route up the Western Breach

The creators of this site have been integrally involved in accident prevention and route variant selection on the Western Breach, and naturally receive many enquiries pertaining to use of the route. The Breach is however a complex and changing environment and we welcome discussion of the route, particularly from climbers who have climbed the face, and from those intending to climb it. Those intending that other climbers should benefit from their feedback are invited to post their photographs and discuss their own perspectives, here.


Deciding whether to climb Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach

Regardless of whether it is your intention or not to climb the Western Breach, we believe that this website currently represents the best resource available for those wishing to gain a thorough understanding of the route and its risks.